Together we are making a difference for victims. Together we are Safe Harbor

Start making a difference and donate today!




Start making a difference and donate today!

Your donation helps provide services to those seeking a life without violence.

What does it mean to provide support to victims?? It means a trained trauma Advocate can be on hand, on the phone, in our shelter when needed. 24/7 - 365 days a year. We provide peace of mind, support, and services.

Advocacy Services: Services and safety planning are sometimes the priority. These services range from legal advocacy, day to day safety planning, forensic exam and Child Advocacy Support, therapy, and support groups are all ways you can help provide for the needs of a victim.

Prevention Education: We work to educate and empower our community to identify and articulate the ways abuse presents in our community. We are reaching out and partnering with schools, clubs, faith communities and other systems with a focus on understanding respect, equality. and consent to ensure everyone can live a life free of violence.

Shelter and Helpline offer two easy and safe ways to get in touch with our agency and talk about what is happening. Sharing what is happening and how you are feeling about it is the first step to healing.

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